Motherson Sumi Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030

Motherson Sumi Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2040


Motherson Sumi, a prominent player in the automotive industry, has gained significant attention from investors due to its robust performance and strategic growth plans. Understanding the share price target for specific years like 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, and 2040 is crucial for investors aiming to make informed decisions. These targets provide a financial forecast that can guide investment strategies and highlight potential market trends.

Overview of Motherson Sumi

  • Leading Auto Parts Manufacturer: Motherson Sumi is a global leader in manufacturing automotive components, serving major automobile manufacturers worldwide.
  • Global Presence: The company operates in over 41 countries, showcasing its expansive market reach.
  • Key Products and Services: Motherson Sumi’s portfolio includes wiring harnesses, rearview mirrors, and polymer products, catering to various automotive needs.
  • Market Position and Competitors: Positioned as a top-tier supplier in the automotive industry, it competes with companies like Bosch and Delphi.

Historical Performance of Motherson Sumi Shares

  • Past Share Price Trends: The stock has shown a consistent upward trajectory, with occasional volatility.
  • Major Milestones and Events: Key milestones include strategic acquisitions and partnerships that have driven growth.
  • Year-wise Performance: The share value has experienced growth spurts aligned with market conditions and company performance.
  • Impact of Global and Local Market Conditions: Economic shifts and automotive industry trends have influenced stock performance.

Factors Influencing Share Prices

  • Economic Indicators: Global economic health and consumer spending impact Motherson Sumi’s revenue.
  • Industry Trends: Trends in automotive technology and demand for electric vehicles affect share value.
  • Company-specific News and Performance: Quarterly earnings reports and strategic initiatives play a significant role.

Financial Data Analysis Of Motherson Sumi Systems Limited (MSSL)

Company NameMotherson Sumi Systems Limited
SectorAutomotive Industry
EstablishedIn  1986
HeadquartersIn  Noida, Delhi, India.
CEOMr.  Rajesh Thakur
FounderMr.  Vivek Chaand Sehgal
ProductsAutomotive Interior products, Exterior products, Under-bonnet products
Market Cap₹ 1,02,527 Cr.
52 Week High₹ 157
52 Week Low₹ 79
PE Ratio35.80
ROE11.80 %
ROCE13.70 %
Dividend Yield0.43 %
Debt to Equity0.76 %
Face Value₹ 1

Motherson Sumi Share Price Target for 2024

  • Predictions and Analysis for 2024: Analysts forecast a moderate increase in share price due to steady demand in the automotive sector.
  • Expected Market Conditions: Market stability and gradual economic recovery post-pandemic are anticipated.
  • Company Growth Projections: Motherson Sumi’s expansion plans and innovation in automotive components are likely to drive growth.
  • Analyst Opinions: Experts predict a target price for 2024 at around INR 300, reflecting cautious optimism.
Month (2024)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs – Rs – 
FebruaryRs – Rs – 
MarchRs 115.90Rs 80.87
AprilRs 112.90Rs 82.90
MayRs 118.81Rs 89.19
JuneRs 112.26Rs 92.22
JulyRs 125.10Rs 94.92
AugustRs 128.90Rs 96.07
SeptemberRs 121.99Rs 98.05
OctoberRs 133.17Rs 101.92
NovemberRs 146.03Rs 103.87
DecemberRs 150.62Rs 106.00

Motherson Sumi Share Price Target for 2025

  • Predictions and Analysis for 2025: A continued upward trend is expected, bolstered by technological advancements.
  • Market Forecasts: Global automotive market expansion will positively influence the stock.
  • Strategic Plans of the Company: Expansion into new markets and product diversification are key strategies.
  • External Economic Factors: Global trade dynamics and economic policies will play a critical role.
Month (2025)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 153.13Rs 109.89
FebruaryRs 156.06Rs 110.54
MarchRs 160.00Rs 111.80
AprilRs 160.91Rs 116.04
MayRs 171.05Rs 119.16
JuneRs 173.60Rs 120.03
JulyRs 180.51Rs 122.86
AugustRs 182.25Rs 124.00
SeptemberRs 192.42Rs 129.76
OctoberRs 193.00Rs 130.74
NovemberRs 200.22Rs 131.90
DecemberRs 209.00Rs 134.91

Motherson Sumi Share Price Target for 2026

  • Predictions and Analysis for 2026: Long-term growth strategies are expected to yield substantial gains.
  • Industry Developments: The rise of electric vehicles and smart technologies will be significant factors.
  • Potential Risks and Opportunities: Market competition and regulatory changes pose risks, while innovation presents opportunities.

Motherson Sumi Share Price Target for 2028

  • Predictions and Analysis for 2028: Mid-term projections indicate steady growth.
  • Technological Advancements: Innovations in automotive technology will drive demand for Motherson Sumi’s products.
  • Competitive Landscape: Maintaining a competitive edge through quality and innovation will be crucial.

Motherson Sumi Share Price Target for 2030

  • Predictions and Analysis for 2030: Major industry shifts, such as the mainstream adoption of electric vehicles, will significantly impact share prices.
  • Company’s Position in the Market: Strengthening market position through strategic partnerships will be key.
  • Long-term Economic Trends: Global economic health and automotive industry trends will guide stock performance.

Motherson Sumi Share Price Target for 2040

  • Predictions and Analysis for 2040: Visionary growth plans and sustainable practices are expected to drive substantial share price increases.
  • Potential Market Transformations: Technological breakthroughs and environmental regulations will shape the market landscape.
  • Sustainability and Innovation: Emphasis on green technologies and sustainable practices will be critical.

Investment Strategies Based on Share Price Targets

  • Suggested Investment Strategies:
    • Short-term investments for quick gains.
    • Long-term investments for sustained growth.
  • Risk Management Techniques: Diversification and monitoring market trends.
  • Portfolio Management: Balancing high-risk and low-risk investments for stability.

Expert Opinions and Analyses

  • Insights from Market Experts:
    • Predictions from financial analysts highlight optimism for Motherson Sumi’s future.
  • Summarized Expert Opinions: Analysts recommend a buy strategy for long-term growth.
  • Impact on Investment Decisions: Expert insights help investors make informed choices.

Potential Risks and Challenges

  • Identifying Potential Risks:
    • Market volatility and economic downturns.
    • Industry-specific challenges like supply chain disruptions.
  • Mitigation Strategies: Regular market analysis and adaptive investment strategies.

Opportunities for Investors

  • Highlighting Investment Opportunities:
    • Growth in electric vehicle market.
    • Expansion into emerging markets.
  • Innovative Products and Services: Continued innovation to meet market demands.

Case Studies

  • Real-world Examples:
    • Successful investments in Motherson Sumi over the past decade.
  • Lessons from Past Investment Outcomes: Insights into effective investment strategies based on historical performance.


  • What is the historical performance of Motherson Sumi shares?: Consistent growth with some volatility influenced by market conditions and company performance.
  • What factors influence Motherson Sumi’s share prices?: Economic indicators, industry trends, and company-specific news.
  • What are the expert predictions for Motherson Sumi share prices in 2030?: Steady growth based on strategic initiatives and market position, with potential risks from economic fluctuations.


Recap of key share price targets and predictions underscores the importance of staying informed about market and company developments. Motherson Sumi remains a viable investment option, with strong potential for growth. Investors are encouraged to conduct their own research and consult financial advisors for tailored advice.

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