5 Great Fort Myers Coffee Shops

I’m from New England, everyone runs on Dunkin’s here, but I do understand, that the search for the perfect coffee shop can be never ending among coffee lovers. In my hunt for the 5 great coffee shops in Fort Myers, I went straight to Yelp. There I found the good, bad and ugly of what the local coffee shops are offering their java enthusiasts. Here is what you have been searching for, 5 great Fort Myers coffee shops! Drum roll please………..

5 Great Fort Myers Coffee Shops

Java House is a local favorite. They offer 8 different kinds of coffee that will satisfy any coffee lover’s palette. Along with a large variety of coffee, they also serve homemade muffins, scones, breakfast sandwiches and lunch. One yelper says, “Coffee is far above average and served piping hot.” Hot coffee and a homemade muffin sounds like a great way to start the day to me. Check out their website, then head down for a big cup of joe!

Fort Myers coffee shops

Fresh roasted coffee beans

Bennett’s Fresh Roast has lots of great reviews. The folks at Bennett’s roast their own coffee. They say that the coffee you drink today, was roasted in house yesterday. Check it out, it’s right here, on The Bennett’s Fresh Roast Promise. When you are there make sure you try one of their world famous donuts. I hear the cinnamon sugar donuts are out of this world. Overall, the reviews  rave about the amazing coffee, yummy donuts and always friendly service.

Kate’s Kafe is a favorite with the yelpers. The reviews rave about Kate’s ice coffee, ice lattes and espresso. The food reviews are making me drool. Make sure you try the bread pudding. One reviewer said that she loved the pumpkin bread pudding with a caramel sauce and whipped cream and was looking forward to trying the eggnog bread pudding coming out during the holiday season. Take a peak at their menu (pdf), I bet you’ll find something you’ll like. It looks like Kate’s Kafe is a triple threat, good coffee, good food and good service.

The Grind makes the list of great coffee shops in Fort Myers. They roast their coffee beans in house just like our friends at Bennett’s Fresh Roast. The coffee has great reviews and has people coming back again and again for a fresh cup. Along with coffee they offer muffins and breakfast sandwiches and some lunch items. With two locations in Fort Myers you’re bound to bump into at least one.

Fort Myers Coffee Shops

Fresh, hot coffee

Tuckaway Bagel and Waffle Cafe is an European coffee shop located on Fort Myers Beach. They brew locally roasted coffee and make specialty coffee drinks with Lavazza espresso, Italy’s number 1 coffee roasting company. Not only do they have really, really good coffee, they have the most delicious steamed bagel sandwiches. Yelpers also give thumbs up reviews for their authentic Belgian waffles called Liege waffles.  Go to their website to find out more. Make sure you try this Fort Myers coffee shop when you are in town.

And there you have it! 5 Great Fort Myers Coffee Shops. Try them out you won’t be disappointed.






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